WordPress SEO Tips

  • Choose a web host with a good reputation and offers great performance
  • Pick a readable and user-friendly permalink structure.
    • Changing the permalink structure alters the components, ordering, and structure of your website’s URLs. It’s important to select the right structure when initially setting up your website, as changing it later can cause SEO issues.
  • Make sure that your Writing and Reading settings are all set correctly
    • These control your default categories, and what should be displayed on your homepage.
  • Do keyword research to understand user intent
    •  Every page or post should be optimized for a specific keyphrase.
  • Avoid keyword cannibalization
    • Keyword cannibalization means you’re eating away your own rankings by creating too many articles for the same or similar keywords
  • Include keywords in your page titles and URLs
  • Optimize your meta descriptions
    • A meta description is primarily used search engines to show a description of your page in the search engine results, usually below your page title.
    • Writing a descriptive meta description can encourage users to click your results in the search engine, 
  • Optimize your images and media
    • To make sure that search engines can understand your images, you need to think about how you name and format your files.
  • Update your cornerstone content
    • The most valuable content of your site is called cornerstone content. 
  • Create and promote high quality content
  • Avoid duplicate content (even if accidental)
  • Organize your site
    • Organizing your site will help you set up a navigation path from your homepage right to your individual posts and pages, and back
  • Connect your content using contextual internal linking
    • Contextual internal links set up a network of pages, which points your users to related content
  • Manage and optimize your categories and tags
  • Manage your archive pages
    • Stop search engines from indexing archive pages as this may hurt your SEO efforts
  • Avoid pagination
    • This may bury your best content deep within the site beyond the reach of your visitors.
  • Manage your HTML & XML sitemaps
    •  XML sitemaps tell Google and the other search engines that your site has been updated
  • Configure your breadcrumbs to help your users
    • They allow your users to easily navigate your site
    • They allow search engines to determine the structure of your site more easily.
  • Measure and improve your site speed.
    • Slow websites frustrate your users and search engines trying to crawl your website.
  • Secure your WordPress site with SSL and HTTPS
    • Search engines consider security an important ranking factor for their search results.
    • WordPress is the most targeted platform for hackers so set strong passwords for logging in, implement two-factor verification and limit login attempts.
  • Make regular backups of your site
    • Important in case your site is hacked or something goes wrong because updating a plugin or theme 
  • Monitor and log any security incidents
  • Make sure your WordPress theme is mobile-friendly
    • Making your website mobile-friendly starts with making sure the links are not too close together, and buttons are easily clickable. Your font should be consistent and shouldn’t be too small and your images not too big, both in file size and dimensions.
    • Use responsive design techniques
  • Consider using AMP for a fast loading site.
  • Set up your Google Search Console account
  • Set up and integrate Google Analytics
  • Promote your content

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