WordPress SEO Plugins

Optimizing your WordPress website for the search engines helps you rank higher in search results. This is NOT a definitive list of the best WordPress SEO plugins. Use this plugins in addition to the SEO tools recommended in other chapters.

Plugin NameCategoryDescription
Site Kit By Google.AnalyticsGoogle’s official WordPress plugin.
Webmasters will experience better and faster access to unified Google services via this WordPress plugin.
Use it to monitor, analyze, and improve your WordPress website performance.Connect Sitekit to your Google Search Console, Google Adsense, Google Analytics (to monitor traffic and user of behaviours) & PageSpeed Sights (to monitor website speed)
Yoast SEOSEOThe most popular WordPress SEO plugin.Generate an XML sitemap and submit it to Google Search Console (GSC) to get it crawled by search engine bots.Optimize on-page SEOManage SEO redirects Control website settingsHelps you find webpages with broken linksType in keywords and analyze how well your web pages are optimized for those keywordsReadability check to improve your content writing.The plugin checks for duplicate contentVerify and connect your WordPress website to Google, Bing, Baidu and Yandex.Exclude certain types of content from being indexed in search engines results.Use ‘Glue for Yoast’ WordPress plugin to optimize your AMP pages.
Learn how to install and set up Yoast plugin here > https://yoast.com/beginners-guide-yoast-seo/ 
Rank MathSEOA popular challenger plugin to Yoast SEO. Import data from other SEO pluginsControl noindex/nofollow/noarchive meta tags of all taxonomies in general and individual posts/pages.Inbuilt 404 (pages not fount)Manages redirections (30X HTTP status codes)Integrates with Google Search Console (GSC) to show you what keywords your WordPress website is ranking for, how many search impressions your website is getting, what errors Google sees on your WordPress website.Use it to create rich snippets for your WordPress website.Generate sitemapsUse it to automatically optimize your images for SEOHelpful for organizing internal linksInstant indexing APIThe plugin supports Facebook’s Open Graph and Twitter card.
Learn how to install and configure Rank Math correctly > https://rankmath.com/kb/how-to-setup/ 
All-in-One SEO PackSEOA  popular WordPress SEO plugin offering a comprehensive set of tools to improve your WordPress website.Generate XML and image sitemapIntegrates with WooCommerce for E-commerce SEOThe plugin has been translated into 57 languages making it widely accessibleEdit your WordPress website’s robots.txt fileEdit your .htaccess file without the need for FTP 
Lean how to install and configure All-in-One SEO Pack > https://www.wpbeginner.com/plugins/users-guide-for-all-in-one-seo-pack/ 
The SEO FrameworkSEOOther plugins have plenty of features but most of them won’t be used by beginners. This plugin is lightweight, has good support and easy to use.
AMP integration for a faster loading WordPress websiteManages your redirectsCaches commentsLocal SEO extension that allows you to set up and display important local business information
All n One Schema Rich SnippetsRich SnippetsThis plugin allows you to make your WordPress website stand out in search results by displaying review star ratings, product/service prices, images or videos etc.
The plugin supports structured markup data for reviews, events, products, people, videos, articles and recipes.
Rel NoFollow CheckboxOn-Page SEO > External LinksExternal links to other websites get crawled by search engines. The quality of these external links influences rankings in the search results.
Use the tool to NoFollow links to affiliate products.Use the tool to NoFollow links to low-quality websites that potentially could hurt your rankings.
Pretty LinksAffiliate MarketingThis is a free link shortener plugin.The plugins automatically add NoFollow attributes to affiliate links
Easy Table Of ContentsSEO Content Presentation/ReadabilityIts best practice to break long pieces of content into logical and easy to follow sections. This plugin adds a table of contents to your WordPress posts to make it easy for your users to navigate your content.
SEO Writing Assistant Tool By SEMRushSEO Content WritingHelps you improve and write SEO friendly content. 
Trash DuplicateDuplicate ContentThis plugin removes duplicate content from your WordPress website and helps you with redirections to other web pages.
ShortpixelWebsite Speed ImprovementShortpixel compresses and optimizes the images on your WordPress website. Images slow down your WordPress website.
Once installed and configured this plugin automatically optimizes and serves any images you upload to your WordPress website
EWWW Image OptimizerWebsite Speed ImprovementCompresses and optimizes the images you upload to your WordPress website. Its a completely free alternative to Shortpixel.
A3 Lazy LoadWebsite Speed Improvement This plugin enables lazy-loading of images i.e. when your WordPress website defers the loading of an image that is not needed on the page immediately
Media File RenamerMedia optimizationMedia File Renamer Auto is a WordPress plugin that physically renames media files nicely for a cleaner system and for a better SEO.
All in One WP Security And Firewall Website SecurityThis security plugin offers the latest recommended WordPress security practices and techniquesThe plugin checks for vulnerabilitiesImplements the latest recommended WordPress security practices and techniques It uses a security points grading system to measure how well you are protecting your site based on the security features you have activated. Helps improve user login/account/registration securityHelps with database and file system securityEnables you to backup your original .htaccess and wp-config.php files in case your WordPress website breaks.Allows you to ban usersPrevent brute force login attacks.Comment spam security
HREFLANGInternational SEOHreflang is an HTML attribute used to specify the language and geographical targeting of your WordPress web page. The plugin tells search engines about your WordPress website using the same content but serving many different languages. 
Use it if your WordPress website has multiple versions of the same page but in different languages.
Wp Super CacheWebsite Speed ImprovementCaching is critical to improving the speed of your WordPress website.
This plugin creates static HTML versions of all the dynamic content on your web pages. It then serves those web pages to users instead of the retrieving the slower-loading dynamic versions each time.Remember to clear the cache each time you make a change to your website.
W3 Total CacheWebsite Speed ImprovementThis plugin helps your WordPress website cope with an increase in visitor traffic without crashing.The plugin integrates well with CDNs (Content delivery networks e.g Cloudflare)Google AMP supportSSL support
AutoptimizeWebsite Speed ImprovementThis plugin minifies (removes unnecessary code etc), compresses and caches scripts and styles (CSS, Javascript, HTML)Integrates well with Shortpixel to optimize and convert images into WebP format.
Really Simple SSLWordPress SecurityWebsite security is critical to ranking in search results but also ensuring that your users are protected if sharing with you personal or sensitive information.
This plugin fixes any mixed content (when your website still links to unsecured content). In the future, Google will penalize websites that serve mixed content
Anti-Spam By webvitalySpam FilteringAnti-spam plugin blocks automatic spam in the comments section. No captcha is needed.
Google states that comment spam is harmful to your WordPress website and they might remove or demote web pages with user-generated spam to protect the quality of their search results.
WPTouchMobile-FriendlyThis plugin adds a fast mobile theme to your WordPress website. The plugin is recommended by Google. The plugin automatically creates a mobile-optimized version of your WordPress website
UpdraftWebsite BackupA popular backup, restoration and migration WordPress plugin. 
Backup your WordPress in case you get hacked, or your server crashes or plugins break your website.Allows you to backup and restore with a single click.Perform manual or scheduled backups of all your WordPress files, databases, plugins and themes.You can clone and migrate your website.
Disable WP Rest APIWordPress SecurityUse this plugin to disable REST API for all non-logged in users preventing a possible DDOS attack
UserwayWordPress AccessibilityThis usability plugin helps your website comply with the WCAG 2.1, ATAG 2.0, ADA, & Section 508 requirements.
Use this plugin to create a simple and more accessible browsing experience for users with mobility issues.
WP AccessibilityWordPress AccessibilityThis plug-in helps with a variety of common accessibility problems in WordPress themes.
Accessibility features added by wp accessibility:Enable skip links with WebKit support by adding JavaScript support to move keyboard focus.Addition of skip links with user-defined targets. Addition of  language and text direction attributes to your HTMLAddition of  an outline to the keyboard focus state for focusable elements.Add a long description to images. Use the image’s “Description” field to add long descriptions.Enforcement for alt attributes on images.
One ClickWordPress AccessibilityThe One Click accessibility plugin helps you make your website more accessible.
Accessibility Features include:
Enable skip to contentAdd outline focus for focusable elementsRemove the target attribute from linksAdd landmark roles to all linksCustomizer for style adjustment

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