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What is App Indexing?

What is “App Indexing?”

App indexing refers to the indexing of content contained in mobile apps by search engines.

App indexing means that search engines can give you results from websites and apps. If you are looking for something and it is on an app that you have on your phone, Google will show a deep link to that content. If you don’t have the app, Google will show you a card to install the app.

Explain “App Indexing” Like I’m Five

Have you ever searched for something and Google gives you a result which opens up an app already installed on your phone? That is App Indexing.

App indexing is when a search engine knows and indexes the content inside of mobile apps.

This makes it possible for the search engine to show results from inside of apps as well as from websites.

If someone searches for something that is in an app that they have on their phone, Google will show them a link known as a “deep link” to that content.

If they don’t have the app, Google will show them an install card so they can download it.

Why is it important to know about “App Indexing?”

App Indexing lets Google index i.e. know all the content on mobile apps just like they already do for websites.

When someone searches for something using Google, they might see a link to your app that will take them directly to the content they’re looking for inside your app.

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