What is Anchor Text?

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What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is the text that is clickable.

Anchor text is the clickable part of a link which makes reference to another document on the web.

It helps crawlers to indicate what the linked page is about. Usually, it is blue and underlined what differs it from other text on the site.

In the context of SEO, anchor text are the words you choose for linking out and into your website. Google’s algorithms pay more attention to them than newbies (and even some marketing veterans) realize.

While anchor text typically link to other web pages, they can also initiate downloads and link to documents like PDFs or files in Google Drive. That is why you should only click anchors from websites you trust, and hover over the link with your mouse—but don’t click!—to make sure the URL looks legitimate.

Why is it important to know about “Anchor Text?”

The text you choose for links is important because it tells readers what they can expect when clicking the link. Anchor words are the PROMISE about navigating elsewhere, so these must be highly relevant and engaging to keep people on your website or blog post longer than 2 seconds!

Additionally, Google algorithms use anchor text as a signal that we’re not engaged in spammy practices–and also understand topics better through smarter analysis of content around particular keywords

Anchor Text from a Search Engine’s perspective

In the eyes of the Google and other search algorithms, however, that tiny piece of code around anchor text makes an enormous difference. Google search now expect marketers to label anchor text as NoFollow or Sponsored or User Generated Content) or Follow.


If you label any link as NoFollow, this tells Google NOT to take the backlink into account when determining SEO value for either page. Since 1st March 2020 Google is starting to take nofollow links as a hint in determining a website’s position in SERP.


If you label a link as Sponsored this tells Google and other search engines that this link was obtained through some commercial agreements between you and a publisher. In other words, there is a commercial benefit attached to the link.

User Generated Content (“UGC”)

A User Generated Content or UGC link tells Google and other search engines that the link (and the whole content) was placed on this page by internet users.


A Follow link tells Google and other search engines to give credit to the page you’re linking to and take it into account when scanning your links.

Further Reading on Anchor Text

Below are links to articles or videos or presentations we think will help you understand the topic discussed in this post.

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