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What is an Answer Box?

What is an “Answer Box”?

An answer box also known as a direct answer, or a quick answer, is a Google search engine results page (SERP) feature that appears at the top of the search results in response to implied or explicit queries for information which can be answered briefly with publicly available information.

The types of Quick Answers can be broken down into the following categories: Weather, Dictionary, Calculations, Unit conversions, Sports and Quick Facts.

Explain an ‘Answer Box’ Like I’m Five.

Explain an answer box like I’m five.

Answer boxes are a feature of search engines like Google that give you the answer to your question without needing to click a link.

Answer boxes are also known as zero-click results, as internet users do not have to click to get results.

For example, if you type “1 USD to GBP” into Google, it will show you the exchange rate right away.

Answer boxes make it easy and fast to get the information you need.

Answer boxes are good for internet users.

Why is it important to know about “Answer Boxes”?

If you want to be better than your competition, you should understand how to get zero-click SEO results.

Being at the top of search engine results, or in “position zero,” is a lot like being in first place at a Formula 1 race. Being in Pole, gives you a better chance of winning the race than starting from the back of the grid!

Getting your content ranked or used as an answer box gives you a better chance of getting more FREE traffic from Google.

This means that people see your website as an authority site.

You can do this by ranking for keywords that are worth it, writing long-form content, and optimizing your articles for featured snippets.

If your content is regularly being chosen by Google as an Answer box, with time, internet users will click to get further information from your website or will see you as an authority for a given topic.

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