What is an Algorithm?

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Also known as:Search Engine Algorithm
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Algorithm: A Video Explainer

Algorithm: An Explanation

Algorithm is a computer science term for a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.

In the context of search engines optimization (SEO), a search engine algorithm functions like a formula by which stored information is retrieved and ordered in meaningful ways from the index into the search engine results page (SERPs).

Simba Explains an Algorithm

An algorithm is simply how a search engine like Google or Bing decides which web page, among the billions of web pages on the Internet, to show you in the search results. An algorithm is a way for them to make sure that each time someone searches for something, they show them the right answer.

Simba, founder and teacher at Simba Academy

Blue pill marketers lose sleep over Google or Facebook algorithms! As a marketer lose sleep over your customer’s problems and needs!

Simba, founder and teacher at Simba Academy

Algorithms are like the Internet’s Content gatekeepers

Simba, founder and teacher at Simba Academy

Why is it Important?

The power of content aggregators or platforms such as Google Search, Facebook and TikTok is that billions of people come to them every day looking for content e..g videos, posts, memes etc. These content aggregators or platforms, rely on algorithms to determine which content will keep these users on their platform, so its important you create content that your target audience likes as well as the algorithms!

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Learn More About Algorithms

Just like Wikipedia, here are some links to articles, videos or presentations we think will help you understand Algorithms better.

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