What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO means improving your product listings to appear at the top of the amazon search results (Amazon SERPs)

If you have a product page on Amazon, you want it to be found by shoppers just as you would want your website to be found on Google or Bing.

If you apply amazon SEO, you should get better rankings which give you more visibility which results in more sales.

Just on Google or YouTube, Amazon shoppers enter a keyword in the Amazon search bar and usually click the first few results. 

The higher you rank the better chances of selling more of your products.

Amazon SEO works well if you have positive good reviews, regular sales, and a good product.

How does the Amazon ranking algorithm (A9) work?

For every product search by an online shopper, Amazon has to decide which on of the hundreds of millions of products it will show on ranking position number 1, 2,3, and so forth

The intent of the shopper is known – they want to buy.

Amazon sellers want to sell their products.

Amazon wants the transaction to take place to earn commission.

The common goal for all 3 is for a transaction to take place on Amazon. 

This common goal is the guiding principle of how the “A9” algorithm works.

Most search queries on Amazon are ‘transactional’ i.e. people want to buy.

The A9 algorithm will rank products based on the likelihood of those products making a sale.

Visibility, Relevance and Conversions are the key ranking factors. All your Amazon SEO efforts should be to ensure your product page is relevant, visible in the results pages  and encourages shoppers to buy (conversions).

Amazon A9 Ranking Factors

  • Relevance (Keywords) – the algorithm uses keywords to find the relevant product for the shopper. Keywords help Amazon find the right product in its inventory. Use keywords that help shoppers find your products. Because if a product listing does not contain all the keywords of the search query, it cannot appear in the search results.
  • Performance – performance in the form of CTR (clicks to your product listings), Conversions (shoppers buying) and Reviews are critical ranking factors. Improve your product performance on amazon by:
    • Upload high quality and “helpful” product photos and videos.
    • Write ‘helpful’ and readable product descriptions
    • Encourage shoppers to leave reviews for your book and respond to all reviews (good and bad).

The more sales you make the higher your rankings.

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