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Standards and Corrections Policy for Simbacademy


At Simbacademy, we are committed to the highest journalistic and educational standards. This commitment guides our approach in all aspects of our publishing and reporting:

  • Accuracy and Transparency: We strive for accuracy in our content and transparency in our sourcing. Our goal is to provide information that is not only reliable but also clear about its origins.
  • Thorough Verification: We make diligent efforts to verify and corroborate information using multiple sources. Our process ensures that the content we produce is not just accurate, but also comprehensive.
  • Fair and Independent Analysis: Our content is created with a commitment to fairness and independence. We present analysis and commentary that is unbiased and grounded in facts.
  • Source Confidentiality: While we maintain confidentiality for sources who provide information in the public interest, we do not extend anonymity to those seeking to avoid accountability for their opinions.
  • Editorial Code Adherence: All our reporters and content creators are trained to adhere to our internal editorial code, which upholds these standards of journalistic integrity.

Corrections Policy

Simbacademy is dedicated to maintaining the accuracy and integrity of our content. We acknowledge that errors can occur and are committed to addressing them promptly:

  • Timely Correction of Errors: If a misstatement or error is identified in our content, we work swiftly to correct it. A correction note will be appended at the bottom of the article, detailing what was corrected and how.
  • Notices for Significant Errors: For more significant errors, a more prominent notice will be included, ensuring that our readers are aware of and understand the nature of the correction.
  • Retraction Process: In the rare event that an article is found to have fundamental flaws, it will only be retracted after an extensive review by a senior editor. Any retraction will be accompanied by an editor’s note, explaining the reason for the retraction and the nature of the errors.

Reporting Errors

We value our readers’ input in maintaining the accuracy of our content:

  • Contacting Us About Errors: If you believe you have spotted an error in our content, we encourage you to inform us. On every article page on Simbacademy, there is a “Contact Us” link. By clicking this link, you can report any issues you have identified.
  • Alternative Contact Method: You can also report errors directly by emailing us at hello@simbacademy.com. We endeavour to respond and address your concerns as swiftly as possible.

This enhanced Standards and Corrections Policy for Simbacademy reflects our unwavering commitment to accuracy, transparency, and integrity in our content, ensuring we remain a trusted and credible source for our audience.