SEO Myths

1. SEO is Dead!

“The reality is that SEO does still work—not only for visibility but also for generating leads. It might not be as laser-pointed as PPC or as cool and easy to understand as posting something on social media, but it definitely works.”

~Angela Han of Sharp Growth

2. Good SEO Guarantees #1 Rankings In The Search Engines Result Pages (SERPS)

“Ranking takes time and a lot of effort. Sometimes, no matter how greatly we optimize a current website, we end up with the challenge of not being able to support the SEO with any additional content or digital campaigns due to a tight budget—or better yet, due to another search engine algorithm change. In my opinion, promising a ranking is the biggest myth in our industry.”

~ Naveen Jasrotia of Digital Nar

3. SEO Takes Forever To Work

“Sometimes it does take a while for new content to rank, but you can still see results in a short period of time. Especially for low-competition keywords, you can dramatically increase your rank with some minor tweaks to your content. Strategic SEO can show results fast.”

~Claire Shaner of Best Company

4. Good SEO Should Work Immediately

“While there are certain tweaks that SEOs can implement straight off the bat that can have an immediate effect on rankings, the peak results will be evident after at least 3-6 months or longer.”

~Menday of Consultus Digital

5. You Only Have To Do Seo Once To Benefit From It For A Long Time

“The worst myth is that SEO is something you do once and forget about,”

~ Darryl Antonio of Digitalhound.

6. SEO Is Like A Gaming Cheat Code – You Do It To Beat Search Engines At Their Own Game

“One of the biggest myths is that SEO is a tactic used to cheat/beat the search engines,”

~ Chris Steele of Knowmad Digital Marketing.

“Fooling search engines won’t lead to better results. If you’re not writing for the humans who will read your content, you’re doing something wrong.”

~Dan Christensen of Morningdove Marketing.

7. SEO is too Technical

“While I don’t disagree that there are some technical fundamentals that always need to be considered to be successful in search, I maintain that to truly win at SEO, you have to put your users first. That means creating amazing content and building a website that speaks to them and is easy for them to navigate. Google, Bing, and other search engines strive to provide amazing user experience, and I believe that experience starts with a focus on your website visitors and giving them what they need and crave.” 

~Tom Jelneck of On Target Digital Marketing

8. SEO is all about Keywords

“Good SEO practices are holistic, dynamic, and a reflection of search intent. An obsession with keywords is a good way to miss the forest through the trees. “Speed, links, multimedia, and the helpfulness of the content are all absolutely essential and should not be overlooked.”

~John Donnachie of ClydeBank Media

9. SEO is all about Backlinks

“Yes, backlinks play a major role in SEO, but backlinks alone cannot rank a website. In order for a website to rank higher, that website must be fully optimized, which means considering both on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.”  

~Anjana Wickramaratne of Inspirenix

10. SEO is all about Content

“Content Is King, but Marketing (Promotion) Is Queen and Runs the Household.”

~Gary Vaynerchuck of VaynerMedia 

11. SEO should be Cheap

“Lots of people think it’s possible to achieve instant results with a very low budget—and that those results will stand the test of time with no further investment.” 

~Rachael Jessney of Atelier Studios. 

12. SEO should be Cheaper than Paying For Facebook Or Google Ads

“Just because you don’t pay for clicks in SEO as you do with Google Ads doesn’t mean that the traffic doesn’t cost you anything. Organic traffic isn’t free! In fact, in many cases, it’s actually more cost-effective to pay for PPC than SEO.” 

~David Lye of PriceMyCar.

13. NoFollow Links Have No Value to a Website

“Google may not give you link juice for a nofollow link, but there’s still value in contributing to a quality source that could drive traffic to your site.”

~Rochelle Burnside of Best Company

14. You Should Not Link Out To Other Sites Because You Will Lose Link Juice

 “While having a link to another site on your page may prompt a reader to check out a different site for a moment, if your content is beneficial and relevant, they will come back. As long as you are providing more pertinent material within each hyperlink, linking to credible sources of information will help build your reader’s trust and authority over time. And not only will linking to authoritative sites build trust with your readers, but it will eventually help boost your search rankings in Google.” 

~Rochelle Burnside of Best Company

“When you link to influential sites, you show Google and your readers that you’ve done your homework. A couple of useful links increase the value of your content, and the search engines will notice that.” 

~Teodora Pirciu of Impressa Solutions

15. You Should Only Target Keywords With The Most Search Volume To Get Traffic

“Lots of people are too focused on aiming to rank for a single, golden keyword. Long-tail keywords bring so much more overall traffic than obsessively trying to climb up SERPs for a single, oversaturated keyword.”

~Anna Kaine of ESM Inbound

16. Keywords With Low Search Volume Are A Waste Of Time

“If you’re ranked number one and get an additional 100 visitors that convert at 10%, then surely this is better than attracting 1,000 tire-kicking visitors that convert at a below-average rate of 0.5%—and facing the additional problem of increased bounce rates.”

~Rob Heywood of Audana NW.

17. The More Keywords You Use The Higher Your Rank In The Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS) I.E Keyword Stuffing

“Keyword stuffing doesn’t help boost your page. What it really does is lowers the quality of your content.”

~Kayla Kelly of Paypro

18. You Can Use Hidden Text To Help Search Engine Rankings

“Google catches that and sees your website as being deceptive.”

~Cai Simpson of Victory Digital

19. Meta Descriptions Are A Ranking Factor

“Meta descriptions, along with meta keywords, have been time and time again proven to not affect rankings in any way. This is not to say that meta descriptions are useless. On the contrary, they are extremely valuable when it comes to maximizing clicks (CTR). Understanding this subtle difference is vital to the way we write and use meta descriptions.”

~ Pixus’ Atanas Valchev

20. More Content Articles = More Rankings

“You can write thousands of articles, but if you miss the mark on what consumers are actually searching in your space, you may as well have written nothing at all.”

~ Cierra Flythe of BoardActive

21. SEO Starts When Content Is Finished

“The truth is that good SEO and good content marketing are one and the same. SEO begins before the content is written, not after the fact. It helps the author know exactly who the audience is and what they want from the content before the author even begins writing.” 

~Chas Cooper of Rising Star Reviews.

22. The More WordPress Plugins The Better it is for SEO

“While some plugins can help make your SEO efforts easier, adding excessive code to your site will likely slow download times and increase page size, both of which can actually negatively affect your rankings.” 

~Jeremy Cross of Team Building

23. Black Hat SEO is Acceptable If Competitors Are Doing It As Well.

“Violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines at your own risk”

~Simba of SEOpedia

24. SEO is a Scam

“Sadly, because of the high number of SEOs that offer ridiculously cheap, low-quality link-building services, some people think SEO is a scam. They will have tried it, paid peanuts, got no results, and decided it was a complete scam. The truth is that they got scammed!”

~ Alistair Dodds of Ever-Increasing Circles.

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