SEO Link Building Tips

  • Outreach. Reach out to sites and influencers in your niche/industry and introduce them to your content. Have something worthy of a link—it might be your product, service, business, brand, or even personality.
  • Guest Posting (Blogging). Write content for another site in your niche/industry and link/reference your site in the article to get a Backlink or brand mention. See Off-Page SEO tools and resources for more info
  • Respond to Press requests for information on a particular topic
    • Sign up to receive request from journalist to demonstrate expertise and authority on a given topic. See Off-Page SEO tools and resources for more information.
  • Broken link building. Broken link building involves three simple steps: Find a relevant broken link on a website; Create something similar to the broken resource and ask anyone linking to the dead resource to instead link to your working resource.
  • Create A Linkable Asset That Attracts Backlinks
    • Here’s a list of a few different content formats that you could explore: Text articles, Infographics, Videos, Mobile/web apps, Interactive guides, Tools/software, Quizzes/surveys, eBooks, White papers, Memes, Reviews, Charts, Lists, Case studies, Interviews, Checklists, FAQs, Tutorials, Podcast, Illustrations, Webinars, Bookmarklets/browser extensions.
  • Link To Influencers Within Your Content. Linking Out To Content Written By Influencers Within Your Industry Can Help To Get Your Content Shared.
    • Find specific resources from each influencer that I can link out to.
    • Gather social media accounts and email addresses for each influencer.
    • Publish content with links to resources written by influencers.
    • Reach out to each influencer via email to let them know they’ve been featured.
    • Mention them in on social media e.g. a tweet, and  link to the content
  • Run Co-marketing Campaigns. Some examples of ideas for running co-marketing campaigns can include: A joint case study, Report based on original data from each brand, Charitable causes, Events (e.g. co-branded local meetup), Incentive or awards campaign, Joint webinars andOnline courses/training
  • Create Or Join A Community. 
    • Find popular communities i.e. facebook groups, Linkedin groups, subreddits, etc and forums related to your industry
    • Get involved in discussions and also contribute.
    • Share with the community useful resources e.g. infographics, case studies, links to in-depth articles, videos etc
    • Reach out to the community administrator or moderator and ask for permission to promote your website or business. 
    • Promote your website or products/service. If possible offer the community a special discount or do a free giveaway.
    • Share your content with the community to earn Backlinks.
  • Claim Unlinked Brand Mentions. Your brand might get mentioned on other website’s blog posts. Reach out to these websites and ask them to link back to your website.
    • Use Google alerts or other tools to monitor brand mentions
    • Reach out the webmaster via social media or contact form and ask for a link back to your website.
  • Free Giveaway Or Lead Magnet
    • Share with potential customers or industry peers something valuable that enhances your reputation and credibility. For example, Neil Patel has created a free SEO tool in Ubersuggest and it has earned him brand mentions and Backlinks.
  • Skyscraper Technique. Turn popular content into high-quality Backlink opportunity. As already mentioned in SEO Content Tips, after finding and improving upon content that ranks in the top ten of the search results for your target keyword.
    • Use a Backlink checker tool to find out which websites have linked to the content you have improved.
    • Reach out to them via social media i.e. Twitter or contact forms and ask them to link to your new and improved content.
  • Find Popular Content That Gets People Talking (Commenting) Similar to the Skyscraper Technique or internet trolling, find popular content for your target keywords and find out the quantity and quality of comments. Some content generated heated debates. 
    • Create similar content but also address the concerns/points raised in the comments section of the popular content.
    • Reach out to the commentators and promote your content by commenting on the same web page and linking back to your website via author box or in your comments.
  • Guest Appearances On Podcasts. Podcasts are popular and usually, they create show notes/transcripts and share with their audience. They usually mention your brand or link to your website in the resources section if they think it helps their listeners.
  • Copy Competitor Link Building Strategies. Use a Backlink checker tool to find the Backlinks of your competitors. Reach out to the websites linking your competitors and proposition with your content.
  • Build Relationships With Webmasters Who Already Promote Your Content Or Similar Content To Yours. 
    • Use Buzzsumo or similar tools to find popular content (and yours) and their promoters. 
    • Reach out to the promoters (or influencers) and build a relationship with them so that they help promote your content in the future.
    • On Reddit, you can use [insert your website] here or competitor] to see articles shared from yours or competitors website. Reach out to the sharer and ask them to promote your content.

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