a young black couple angry at each other because of a misunderstanding as a graphical representation of common seo misunderstandings
A painting of Moses holding the 10 commandments on stained glass in st peterburg as a graphical representation of Simba's 10 commandments of SEO

Common SEO Misunderstandings

If You Do Not See Results From Your Seo Efforts Within Weeks Then Your Seo Campaign Is Not Working.

SEO takes time. If you have followed and applied SEO best practice you should be patient with results.

Pagerank Is Based On Domain Authority.

PageRank is based on how popular the web page is on the internet i.e. how much traffic the web page is getting, how many Backlinks the web page is getting over a given period of time

Google Penalizes Your Website For Having Duplicate Content.

There is no Google penalty for having duplicate content. Google will not rank web pages with duplicate content.

Only Premium/Paid For Seo Tools Work.

If launching a new website, use free SEO tools such as the Google Search Console, Google Analytics, MOZ Domain Analysis, Ubersuggest and more to implement SEO. There is a time and place for premium/paid for SEO tools but only when there is a business case for it.

Only Backlinks Directly Related To The Industry For Your Website Matter.

A backlink that brings qualified referral traffic is more important than a backlink that doesn’t.

A Domain Name Has To Include The Primary Keyword.

Instead a domain should be brandable i.e. unique and memorable

Seo Is All About Getting Backlinks

SEO is really about building relationships within and outside of your industry so long they benefit your website users.

More Organic Traffic Equals More Sales.

Traffic has to be qualified, and with correct implementation of Technical SEO to improve the customer experience it could lead to better conversion rates.

Keyword Research Is All About Choosing Keywords With High Search Volume.

Popular keywords have high competition which means it will take a lot of effort (and money) to compete in the search results.

Instead focus on long tail keywords and searcher intent (a.k.a user intent)


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