Google Search Algorithm Updates

A beautiful woman with eyes reflecting the google logo

The Google search algorithm is one of the most powerful forces on the internet, that determines how many clicks (and ultimately conversions i.e. clicks, e-mails signups). Learn the power of this force by reading about Simba’s Five Forces. Google makes hundreds of changes to its Search algorithms i.e. how it ranks websites in its search … Read more

Google Search Webmaster Guidelines

google us headquarters building where Google and Simba founder of the Simba academy create google webmaster guidelines to help and guide website owners

Google search webmaster guidelines apply to all sites in Google’s index.  If you want your site to appear in Google SERPs, you should follow the guidelines.  The 3 pillars of the guidelines are:  Webmasters should support Google in finding their sites i.e. your site should be crawlable. (Technical SEO helps you achieve this)  Webmasters should … Read more

E-A-T: Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines

a picture showing a white man in a red polo shirt about to take a huge big bite out of a donut representing what digital marketers have to do to when creating content that ranks high in Google search results they have to EAT i.e. demonstrate expertise authority and trustworthiness

What is E-A-T & why does it matter? E-A-T is an acronym created by Google that stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. It features in Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines (PDF).  The document guides Google’s human team of evaluators when scoring the quality of search results. So, why does this matter for SEO? Google’s Search … Read more

Google Search Ranking Success Factors

a white person holding a card with with the words 'success factors' written on it as a graphical representation as factors considered important if you want your website and content to rank high in the search engine results pages

SEO ranking factors are all about Relevancy.  Relevancy is about Quality, Authority, Expertise & Trustworthiness.  SEO success factors are elements you fix or improve (optimize) to boost your rankings. Higher rankings equal more organic traffic and increased search visibility. Critical success factors are those confirmed by Google as a ranking factor. Important success factors are … Read more

How Google Search Works

a cute spider being a graphical representation of how google search engine works as there are bots called spiders that have to crawl the entire internet by following links and then learning what is on a website and send it back to an index which then forms google search

Google is an answer machine.  They discover, understand, and organize the world’s internet information. This enables them to offer relevant results to the questions searchers are asking.  Search engines have three primary functions:  Crawl: Search the internet for content i.e. looking over the code/content for each web address (URL) they find.  Index: Store and organize … Read more

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