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What is a Backlink Profile?

What is a Backlink Profile?

A backlink profile is a collection of all links to a website.

A Backlink profile is often used to describe a specific view on all the known backlinks (links) to a web page or domain.

A simple flat list of backlink source pages with anchor text (most popular) A term used to describe all the inbound links to a select domain, subdomain, or URL.

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Simba Academy explains what is a backlink profile

Any given webpage, over time, will accumulate a number of backlinks (links from other websites or domains).

But, are these Backlinks high or low quality?

Are they coming from top websites or spammy websites?

Are those links generating high value traffic or low quality traffic?

Trying to understand the type of links that are linking to a particular webpage is classified as knowing the “backlink profile” of that web page.

A backlink profile is a collection of links from other websites.

Why is it important to know about your website’s Backlink Profile?

As we explained before, a backlink is a vote of confidence (or a nomination) from other websites, but we all know that some votes from particular websites are more important than others, a backlink profile, is what helps you know the type and quality of backlinks your website is getting.

For your website, you want a high-quality backlink profile, because some backlinks, could hurt your digital marketing performance. How? Too many low quality (spammy) backlinks could give a bad signal to search engines about the type and quality of your website.

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