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What is an Average Session Duration?

What is an Average Session Duration?

Average session duration is a Google Analytics metric (method of measurement) that reports the average amount of time internet users spend on your website or app.

You can find your website’s average session duration in Google Analytics by navigating to 1) Audience then 2) Overview

A session, in terms of digital marketing, is the time frame during which there are regular active interactions occurring from an internet user on a website or app.

Google Analytics, a popular and free web analytics software, begins counting a session from the moment an internet user lands on your website, and continues counting until the session ends (i.e. the internet user leaves the website or becomes inactive for a predetermined amount of time).*

Explain Average Session Duration Like I’m Five

Average session duration measures how long people stay on your website or in your mobile app. The longer they stay, the more they enjoy being on your website whether that is consuming your content or playing games.

Google Analytics starts counting a session when someone lands on your website, and stops counting when the person leaves or is inactive for a while.

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