What is an Amplified Mobile Page (AMP)?

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What is AMP?

Is an open-source project driven by Google (and to an extent Twitter) to provide a coding structure that loads websites faster for mobile devices. AMP is able to deliver content so fast because it delivers content from its cache servers (not the original site) and uses a special AMP version of HTML and JavaScript.

AMP pages are marked by a small lightning bolt icon in the address bar, and are available in Google’s search results. AMP is not currently supported by Bing or Yahoo.

Explain “AMP” Like I’m Five

Why Don't you explain SEO to me like i'm five The Office Gif at Simba Academy
Why Don’t you explain SEO to me like i’m five The Office Gif at Simba Academy

AMP or an Amplified Mobile Page is a project by Google and Twitter to make websites load faster on mobile devices.

AMP delivers content quickly because it uses its cache servers to get the content instead of the original site. It also uses a special version of HTML and JavaScript that makes the page load faster.

Why is “AMP important to know?

A 2020 research revealed that daily media consumption via mobile phones has increased 504 percent since 2011. With more and more people using their cellphones to access information, optimizing for the mobile experience—not just for your readers but also for your SEO—has never been more critical.; Google can identify pages that load slowly or have a high bounce rate, which it will rank lower in search results.

According to an early study, Google AMP pages load four times faster and use eight times less data than traditional mobile-optimized pages. The initial idea was to provide an open-source framework that would make the mobile experience not just better, but faster.


“Can we AMP our pages for them to load faster?”

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