10 Commandments of SEO

#1 SEO is the foundation for all your digital marketing campaigns. You should NOT do any other digital marketing activities before you do SEO.

All other digital marketing channels are built upon SEO. For instance, keyword and competitor research is fundamental for paid search campaigns as well as Content marketing. Technical SEO ensures your site is secure, mobile-friendly, fast,  helping with conversion rate optimization (CRO). Off-page SEO includes social media marketing, digital public relations (PR) and building relationships with other webmaster – marketing that helps with raising brand awareness.

#2 Thou Shalt Make For A Website/App for Humans and NOT For Just For Search Engines

All your SEO efforts should be to make your website useful to humans. After all the internet is there to serve the needs and wants of humans via content and links.

#3 Thou shalt not take SEO in vain.

SEO is a long term strategy. Unless your content goes viral, it will take months if not years for your SEO campaign to bear fruit. 

Technical SEO by its nature is difficult and requires an SEO or Web Designer to implement. 

Because of Google’s Quality Evaluator Guidelines, it is important that website owners get subject experts to publish content.

Off-Page SEO is not just about Backlinks. It is about building relationships within the industry and this takes time.

#4 Remember thy brand and keep investing in it. Tis the only thing that matters.

At the heart of all digital marketing (and traditional marketing) is the need to focus on building a brand (online and off-line). A brand will stand the test of time

#5 Honor Thy Google And Thy Bing Webmaster Guidelines

Violate the search engine’s webmaster guidelines at the risk of having a Manual Action/Penalty and lose your rankings!

#6 Thou Shalt Not Kill Your Website Users With Bad Customer Experience.

Things that hurt the customer experience on your website include: an unsecured website, slow loading web pages, too many pop-ups, too many ads within content, low-quality content, flash content (Did you know? Google Search will stop indexing flash content by end of 2019?) 

#7 Thou Shalt Not Commit Black Hat Seo

Black Hat SEO (and even Grey Hat SEO) techniques violate search engine’s webmaster guidelines and risk your website being penalized and even worse being deindexed i.e. no longer showing in the search results. Black Hat SEO techniques include: cloaking, hidden text, hidden links, doorway pages, buying Backlinks, using PBNs etc. See Black Hat SEO for more information.

#8 Thou shalt not steal content

This is a copyright infringement and will affect your ability to rank in the search results. Even if you use article spinners to change the text, it is more or less duplicate content and will not help your SEO efforts.

#9 Thou shalt not bear negative SEO against thy internet neighbour

In a desperate attempt to outrank your competitors in the search results, do not do negative SEO i.e. attempt to hack your competitors website or send low-quality/spammy links to their site. Your competitor can always report you to Google, and disavow your bad backlinks. 

#10 Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours Backlinks or content. Only Be Thou Relevant And Thou Shall Rank.

Be original. New,unique and useful content will always do well on the internet versus copying your competitors and making slight improvements. Off-Page SEO is not all about guest posting and building backlinks but it is all about building relationships within your industry. Relationships matter more than just backlinks. Focus all your efforts on being relevant and your website will do well.

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